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About Us

PhoneRepair.com is your resource to fix your phone. PhoneRepair.com hosts an extensive variety of in depth phone repair guides. As well as an active FAQ section.

Every day we help people save their phone, save money, and little by little save our planet, by recycling rather than trashing their phone.

Who Are PhoneRepair.com

Our mission is to help anyone fix any phone – with that aim PhoneRepair.com has developed one of the leading resources for phone repair.
To enable our mission of allowing anyone to fix any phone, we have built substantial database of phone repair guides, as well as a phone repair forum. We aim to enable you to find any cell phone repair, ask any repair question about any model of cell phone. Additionally our community keeps improving the advice on offer. You can add to the questions and comprehensive answers, and make the guides even more useful to others. The more contributions and answers our community has the better the resource for all. PhoneRepair.com allows phone experts to share their knowledge with anyone who needs help.
Founded in 2012, PhoneRepair.com was developed to serve the growing needs of cell phone users with broken devices.

PhoneRepair.com’s primary aim is to reduce phone based electronic waste, by enabling people to repair their own devices, offering the required tools, and a Q&A resource.

PhoneRepair.com is based in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon. Our address is: 1508 SW Salmon Street, Portland, Oregon, 97204. If you need to contact us about phone repair, or any aspect of the PhoneRepair.com website you can email support@phonerepair.com

PhoneRepair.com Founder

Nathan Hill Haimes

PhoneRepair.com was founded by serial entrepreneur Nathan Hill-Haimes. Nathan is passionate about recycling and empowering us all to repair, rather than trash, consumer electronics.