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Select the manufacturer of the device you have a problem with e.g. Apple. Then choose your device. has phone repair guides which cover every different variant of today’s popular smartphones. You will then be able to browse a selection of FREE phone repair guides. Just choose the make and model of your device e.g. iPhone 5 and get started with one of the many FREE step by step phone repair guides.

If you don’t find what you are looking for. Search our phone repair faqs.

In each manufacturer category you will find all of the available devices. Choose one of the FREE phone repair guides and then get started with your fix. You will get step by step instructions that help you through the process of repairing your phone. All of the tools you need will be clearly identified. Any parts required are listed.

Repairing your phone won’t just save you money! You’re also recycling many of the working parts in your device. This is a great way of conserving your cash as well as saving the planet too. was set up specifically to promote the recycling of smartphones. By repairing your phone you are doing your part in helping to save our planet one phone at a time!