iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Guide

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What does this iPhone 5 battery replacement guide cover?

The supreme guide to iPhone 5 battery repair covers.

  • A step by step guide , so that you can repair your phone.
  • A description of all of the repair tools and part suppliers.
  • An overview of Apple repair services.
  • Also an overview of 3rd party repair options.

iPhone 5 battery replacement

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Before you start – iPhone 6 battery replacement

Use the iPhone 5 battery replacement method to repair a damaged or worn out battery in an iPhone 5. The guide covers everything you need to do.

There are quite a few steps in this phone repair and it is quite tricky. You need to remove the front facing camera, LCD, speaker and home button. All of these pieces need to be removed from your broken iPhone screen and re-attached to the new display.

iPhone 5 battery replacement

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Remove the screen screws using the pentalobe screwdriver

Switch the power off and make sure you have the right tools (see guide below). You also need a newbattery. If you wear spectacles, grab your glasses! Without these essentials you can’t complete this cell phone repair.

Remove the screen using the pentalobe screwdriver.

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Apply the suction cup to the screen

Place the suction cup onto the screen. Place it lower down near the home button. Gently pull upward, so you can see the gap between the frame.

suction cup iphone 5

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Gently work the phone screen open

Gently use the case opener tool. Work it around the gap until it becomes loose.

iphone 5 plastic screen replacement tool

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Remove the screws attaching the battery connector

The screen needs to be pulled back. Be careful not to pull it too far. This is because the cables are still attached. Take out the next 3 screws, including the 2 screws that are holding the battery connector down.

repair iphone 5 battery

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Remove the battery connector

The battery connector shield is now loose. Remove the 3 screws and keep them safe. Now take the shield out.

remove iphone 5 battery connector

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Disconnect the logic board

Using the case opener tool, disconnect the battery. Above that you will find the cables connecting the LCD, digitzer and the front board assembly. They all need to be disconnected from the logic board.


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Remove the screen

All of the required procedures to enable you to remove the screen have been completed. It is now safe to remove the damaged screen. If it is cracked be careful!

remove and replace iphone 5 screen

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Remove the battery from the iPhone

There is a transparent plastic tab attached to the battery. Pull this to remove the iPhone battery. You will be pulling the battery away from the adhesive attaching it to the iPhone.

If the glue is particularly sticky you may carefully warm it to loosen it. This is best done with a hair dryer.

iphone 5 battery replacement

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Carefully prise the battery out

Use your spudger to carefully prise around the battery. You are trying to prise the battery away from the adhesive holding it to the phone. DO NOT prise around the logic board as this can damage the iPhone.

how to remove iphone battery

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Now remove the battery

You can now remove the battery from the iPhone 5.

Take care when putting the new battery into the device. The replacement battery must sit snugly in the case of your device.

For best results let your battery drain to 10% then charge to 100%. This trains the battery for top performance.

iPhone 5 battery replacement

You’re Done!

To Reassemble Your Device Follow The Steps Above In Reverse Order.

Apple says on it’s website, that a small number of iPhone 5 devices may be eligible for a free battery repair.

Apple says, “The affected iPhone 5 devices were sold between September 2012 and January 2013 and fall within a limited serial number range.”

If you want to check and see if your device qualifies, use the Apple serial checker here.

There are several options for you. You can follow a step by step guide and repair your phone yourself. You can mail it into Apple’s central repair facility. You can visit a retail store and get it repaired there, or you can arrange for a phone engineer to visit and repair your iPhone 5 battery.
To get out of recovery mode or (DFU) you need to do the following:

1. Hold Sleep and Home at the same time.

2. After a few seconds the iPhone 5 will reboot.

3. Your iPhone 5 will now reboot and recovery mode will not be enabled.

Usually this is caused by a problem charging IC. This happens a lot on the iPhone 5.

To check if this is the problem, firstly let your battery fully drain. Then try to charge it using an original cable you know is good.

  1. If the phone won’t charge then the problem is the charging IC.
  2. If the iPhone does charge it’s not the IC. It could be a bad quality battery, replace it.
  3. You could have above average battery drain caused by installed apps. Do a factory reset and see if the problem remains.
No the iPhone 5s battery is not compatible with the iPhone 5.

The battery connectors are not the same.

In addition, the iPhone 5 battery spec is: 1440 mAh, 3.8V, 5.45 watt hours. The iPhone 5s battery spec is: 1558 mAh, 3.8V, 5.92 watt hours.

Don’t try and use an iPhone 5s battery in an iPhone 5!

To resolve this you need to follow these steps:

First disconnect the battery.

Then connect to wifi and set the time and date.

Then reset the phone: Settings >> General >> Reset >> Reset Network Setting