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What does this iPhone 5s battery replacement guide cover?

The supreme guide to iPhone 5s battery replacement covers:

  • A step by step guide , so that you can repair your iPhone 5s.
  • A description of all of the repair tools and part suppliers you’ll need for this screen replacement.
  • An overview of Apple repair services.
  • Also an overview of 3rd party repair options.

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Before you start – iPhone 5s battery replacement

Use the iPhone 5s screen replacement method to repair a cracked or broken screen on an iPhone 5s.

You can use this guide to remove and replace cracked or broken screen on your iPhone 5 / iPhone 5SE by exchanging the front panel. This fix is moderately easy to replace yourself. A DIY fix is the lowest cost method.

Tools required:

  • P2 Pentalobe screwdriver iPhone
  • iSclack
  • Plastic opening tools
  • Small suction cup
  • Spudger
  • Phillips #000 screwdriver
  • Tweezers
  • iOpener
  • Anti-static project tray.

There are quite a few steps in this phone repair and it is quite tricky. If you feel you may do more harm than good it could be a good idea to search for a phone repair store.

  • This guide is not to repair other iPhone models, such as 6 & 5c.

iphone 5s battery replacement

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If your screen is damaged secure with safety tape

First job if you also have a smashed screen, is to cover the smashed screen with strips of clear packing tape. Try and keep the air bubbles to a complete minimum. This will help to keep all the shards of glass together and will prevent them dropping into the phone, or cutting you.

iphone 5s damaged screen

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Remove screws with pentalobe screwdriver

Switch your phone off and with your pentalobe screwdriver, remove the screws either side of your docking station (marked with red on the image)


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Pull the display screen up and completely off the iPhone 5s body

The next step is to pull the display screen up and completely off the iPhone 5s body.

When the glass screen starts to come away from the plastic holder (as shown) carefully slide a plastic opening tool between the plastic frame and the body of the iPhone 5s to ease the metal clips out of the case.

Just above the home button, push a suction cup firmly onto the screen, making sure that the cup has a very tight seal.

If your screen is totally smashed on your iPhone, as mentioned above, it helps to cover the screen with adhesive tape, such as packing tape, as this will give the suction cup a flat surface to hold and also stop the spread of broken glass.

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Prise the screen away using the seperator tool

The front panel of the iPhone 5 is held together with clips. There are also some ribbon cables, which are holding it to the rest of the phone. The main objective is to free and open the phone just slightly enough so you have space to disconnect the cables.

Ensure that the suction cup is securely attached to the front panel, and low down near the home button.

Gently pull up on the suction cup to separate the home button end of the phone from the back casing.

Using your plastic opening tool, carefully push the edges of the phone down and the front panel should come away whilst your pull the suction cup up.

Take care and don’t rush. Remember that the iPhone 5S has quite a tight fit.

iphone 5 plastic screen replacement tool

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Carefully open the vacuum seal

As mentioned before, do not remove the entire front panel assembly from the back of the case because it is very easy to damage the ribbon cables which are connecting the front to the back.

Push or pull the plastic nub to allow the vacuum seal to be released and then remove it from the display assembly.

levering open iphone 5s screen

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Remove the metal bracket covering the home button cable

Gently open the screen a fraction so it reveals the metal bracket, which covers the home button cable. It’s so important not to open the phone too far as you can easily damage the cables. It’s best to keep the cables loose, if they become taut when you open the phone, then you’ve opened it too far and the cables could be damaged.

Using the tip of the spudger to push the nudge the bracket free and with your tweezers, take it out of the phone.

When you reassemble the phone, make sure that you align the bracket so that the single-prong faces the end of the phone and 2-slit side faces the battery.

access home button cable iphone 5s

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Slide touch ID cable bracket

When you reassemble the iPhone 5SE, you must ensure you reconnect the Touch ID cable bracket.

The top of the bracket will have to slide between the battery and the Touch ID cable connector. The front of the bracket must clamp down over the connector. Move the top of the bracket over the Touch ID cable connector, this needs to move from the left to right.

slide itouch bracket iphone 5s

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Snap down touch id cable holder

Using the flat end of the spudger, clamp the front section of the Touch ID cable bracket down over the cable connector.

If the bracket isn’t flush, or doesn’t clamp down flush, you may have to repeat this step again to ensure it is flush as this will cause problems.

iphone 5s remove screen

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Remove home button connector

Using the tip of your spudger, gently ease the home button cable connector up and completely out of its socket.

Make sure you are separating the cable connector away from its socket and not lifting the whole socket up. The socket rests on it’s own cable, which is glued down.

pry home button connector iphone 5s

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Hinge open phone

When the connector is fully released, gently pull the home button end off the iphone and away from the rear case. You can use the top of the iPhone as a hinge. Open the display to about 90 degrees and it’s best to lean it against something whilst you’re working so it doesn’t fully open up. Secure it with a rubber band. This will assist keeping it in place.

half open iphone 5 screen

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Unscrew battery connector bracket

Unscrew and remove 2 x 1.6mm Phillips #000 screws which are securing the metal battery connector bracket to the logic board (marked with red on the image)

metal battery connector bracket iphone 5s

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Remove the battery connector bracket

Remove the battery connector bracket. Then gently unplug the battery connector from the logic board using your spudger.

remove-battery bracket iphone 5s

remove battery connector from logic board iphone 5s

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Remove the battery connector bracket

Remove the battery connector bracket. Then gently unplug the front facing camera cable, LCD cable, and the digitizer cable.

remove battery connector from logic board iphone 5s

remove screen cables from iphone 5s

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Remove the screen

Remove the iPhone screen from the back of the 5s.

remove screen from iphone 5s

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Remove the screw securing the cable

Remove the highlighted screw securing the home button cable.

remove home button cable screw iphone 5s

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Unfold the battery’s adhesive strip

Unfold the strip and pull it out from under the battery.

Pull one strip carefully down one side of the battery. Pull the other strip down the opposite side of the battery.

iphone 5s battery replacement unfold adhesive

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Slide a thin card under the battery

Insert a card between the phone and the battery.

Prise the battery very carefully away from the adhesive holding the battery to the phone.

Do not use much force and some heat from a hair dryer may help soften the adhesive.

slide card under iphone 5s battery

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Now remove the battery

iphone 5s battery replacement

You’re Done!

To reassemble your phone follow these steps in reverse order.