iPhone SE Water Damage Repair Guide

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What does this iPhone SE water damage guide cover?

The supreme guide to iPhone SE water damage covers.

  • A step by step guide , so that you can repair your phone.
  • A description of all of the repair tools and part suppliers.
  • An overview of Apple repair services.
  • Also an overview of 3rd party repair options.

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Get your phone exterior as dry as possible.

Dry the exterior of the device. Open all ports and make sure that there is no water in the sockets.

towel dry iphone

Get Your iPhone SE Dry Now!

Follow the step below!

Get your phone interior as dry as possible.

The best thing you can do to dry the interior of the phone involves taking the device apart (see below steps).

You should remove the logic board and immerse in 99% iso alcohol. Then let the board dry in a bag filled with silica gel sachets.

You should replace the battery, then reassemble and try to start your phone.


Steps to Replace Battery

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Remove the screws using the pentalobe screwdriver

Switch the power off and make sure you have the right tools (see guide below). You also need a new battery.

Remove the screws either side of the charging port, using the pentalobe screwdriver.

iphone SE battery repair

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Apply the suction cup to the screen

Place the suction cup onto the screen. Place it lower down near the home button. Gently pull upward, so you can see the gap between the frame.

suction cup iphone se

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Gently work the phone screen open

Gently use the case opener tool. Work it around the gap until it becomes loose.

iphone 5 plastic screen replacement tool

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Open the phone screen slightly

Locate the metal bracket which covers the home button cable. Prise the bracket off the phone. Remove it from the phone.

(When re-assembling make sure the edge of the bracket with 2 slits is facing the battery).

open screen iphone se

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Remove the home button cable

Carefully prise up the home button cable connector from it’s socket.

Now you can open the phone screen up.

remove home button cable

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Remove the screws attaching the battery connector

The screen needs to be pulled back. Be careful not to pull it too far. This is because the cables are still attached. Take out the 2 screws that are holding the battery connector down.

remove battery connector

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Remove the battery connector

The battery connector shield is now loose. Keep the screws safe. Now take the shield out.

remove battery connector

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Disconnect the battery cable

Using the case opener tool disconnect the battery, by gently releasing the battery cable connector from it’s housing.

disconnect cable iphone SE battery

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Remove the front panel bracket

Remove the highlighted screws and remove the bracket.

unscrew front bracket iphone se

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Disconnect the camera, sensor & LCD cables

Remove 3 cables behind the bracket. The front camera cable, the LCD cable and the sensor cable.

lcd-cable-iphone-se sensor-cable-iphone-se camera-cable-iphone-se

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Remove the screen from the phone

Now you can fully detach the screen from the phone.

detach screen iphone se

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Release the battery adhesive tab

Release the battery adhesive tab by locating it at the bottom of the battery (headphone jack end).

Then pull each strip carefully down and away from the battery to loosen the adhesive.

battery adhesive iphone sepull battery adhesive strip down away from iphone se

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Remove the battery

Carefully warm the phone with a hairdryer or phone repair warmth blanket like the iOpener.

Then slide a plastic card between the battery and the device. This will release the battery so you can replace it.

detach battery iphone SE

Well done you did it!

Reverse the steps to reassemble your iPhone SE